Mindful Sketch Template

Interested in mindfulness or improving your mental health?

So many of us struggle to take up meditation or other practices involving sitting with our thoughts or reflecting on our emotions. It can be frustrating to try and sit quietly and calm your thoughts.

I created this template to help manage my OCD. I wanted to find a daily practice that would help me identify my emotions, and get in touch with the state of my mind and body. Adding journaling to the process of identifying, naming, and locating emotions in my body has allowed me to better understand what is behind the ups and down I feel.

This template helps combine sketchnoting with principles of mindfulness. By using your hands, you can help focus your mind and understand yourself better.

As you build this practice into a daily habit, you will find greater clarity about yourself and your health. You will also have a valuable record to reflect on to see your progress.

The template includes digital images that you can use on a tablet or other device. You can import either a color version or a black & white version, and draw directly over the template. The full version can be cropped to a square which includes only the check-ins and feelings sections. There are also square images that are pre-cropped if you want to leave out the journaling sections.

You will also receive a PDF that is optimized for printing. Simply print out the template, and use your favorite tools to write and draw. There is a full and a square printable option as well.

Also included is a hand drawn Feeling Wheel to reference when identifying your emotions. You receive a full-color image as well as a black and white image and printable PDF. You can use the black and white version to color in and familiarize yourself with an expanded emotional vocabulary.

If you just want to use the template just for your personal mindfulness practice, you should get a personal license.

If you are a therapist and would like to use the template with clients, or if you are a trainer, coach or facilitator and would like to use the template as practice material or handouts in your workshops, you should get a professional license.

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You'll get simple instructions, full and square digital images in color and in black & white, as well as full and square printable templates.

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Mindful Sketch Template

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